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Comiquette, Exclusive Edition
Polystone Statue

Artist: Ray Villafane
Limited Edition: 750
Size: 15" H x 13" W x 9" D

ex Personal Collection
with original and shipping box

James Howlett was born genetically different from the rest of humanity, with animal like senses, bone claws that extend from his hands and an accelerated 'Mutant Healing Factor'
This healing factor allowed him to survive a government experiment, which resulted in his skeleton and claws being laced with the unbreakable metal 'Adamantium' making him virtually indestructible and earning him the code name Wolverine. Having lost his memory in this life-altering experiment, Wolverine joins the X-Men with the hope of unlocking his mystery-shrouded past
Jusuf Setiadi
0857 6086 0803

RP 11,500,000
18 October 2012