Crazy Label

Qing Soldier House of Liu
Vinyl Figure

Designed by James Liu
aka Veggiesomething

Limited Edition: 400

Height: 8"

3 movable joints
and bendable ponytail
Hand-weaved Bamboo Hat
7" Spear

Under the darkness of the night and on the orders of the Qing Emperor, a large Manchurian army was sent to ambush the House of Liu while the inhabitants were asleep. Even though the House of Liu had prefected the art of sword crafting and possessed unrivaled sword fighting skills, they were no match for the Qing soldiers due to the element of surprise and the vast numbers of the attackers. The soldiers also burnt the House down to the ground as they left with Di Di and Mei Mei being the only survivors

Los Angeles, California, USA

US$ 59.95
Including Shipping: US$ 101.55
28 November 2012